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Sharjah Day Tour

Sharjah is a place where a great deal of people visit every year. This is so because the Sharjah Heritage area provides something for everyone. Whether one is interested in culture or history, there are museums that will show you a side of Sharjah that you have never seen before.

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A Night of Elegance and Discovery:

In 1998 Sharjah was named by UNESCO “Cultural Capital of the Arab World”, for having kept its tradition alive while respecting its history, in contemporary development as a vibrant and modern Emirate.

Sharjah is located half an hour from Dubai, and once there we will visit its traditional markets, highlighting its Central Market, also known as Blue Souk (composed of six buildings and more than 600 stores, contains the Museum of Islamic Civilization, formerly called the Museum Islamic, with more than five thousand objects organized by themes in seven wide galleries, where our guide in Spanish will explain in a pleasant way the bases of Islam and its evolution in the world). We will continue with a visit to the city passing through some of its main mosques, such as the King Faisal Mosque (which was a gift from the King of Saudi Arabia), the Pearl Monument, which symbolizes the union between the seven Arab Emirates United (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman, Umm Al-Qaywayn) and the Cultural Monument, also known as the Koran Square.


Sharjah has been a popular tourist destination for many years because of its natural beauty and historical value. There is a wide array of places that you can visit such as Al Rawdah Beach, Jumeriah Garden and Rashid mosque. These places can help you get a better appreciation of Sharjah’s rich heritage and culture and will give you a chance to see a side of Sharjah that you might have not seen before.

When you are going on a holiday in Sharjah, you will definitely want to spend some time in this heritage area. You will be able to experience a traditional lifestyle while enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of this area. The Sharjah Heritage Area is definitely a must-visit spot for anyone who loves the best Sharjah architecture.

This heritage area is something that you will want to make sure to visit when you are in Sharjah. You will love how unique it is and how it makes you feel like royalty. You will get to experience a traditional lifestyle while enjoying the sights and sounds that are present in Sharjah at the same time.

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