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Sunset Red Dune Safari with Camel Ride tour

Book your Sunset Red Dune Safari with Camel Ride today and capture the spirit of the Arabian desert as the sun sets, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime!

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Sunset Red Dune Safari with Camel Ride tour

Discover the enchanting beauty of the Arabian desert on a magical evening designed for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Our Sunset Red Dune Safari with Camel Ride offers an unforgettable experience, blending exhilarating activities with serene moments under the vast desert sky.

Journey into the Heart of the Desert

Afternoon Departure from Dubai: Your adventure begins in the afternoon when our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle picks you up from your location in Dubai. As we drive towards the desert, watch the cityscape give way to the expansive dunes.

Thrilling Dune Bashing Experience: Upon arrival at the red dunes, feel the excitement build as our expert driver takes you on a thrilling dune bashing ride. The powerful 4×4 vehicle will climb and descend the steep dunes, providing an adrenaline-pumping experience that is both fun and safe.

Camel Ride at Sunset: As the sun begins to set, painting the sky with golden hues, embark on a traditional camel ride. Traverse the serene dunes in a gentle, rhythmic pace, experiencing how the Bedouins traveled through these same sands centuries ago. This is the perfect opportunity for stunning photographs and a moment of reflection.

Sandboarding: For those seeking more adventure, try sandboarding. Slide down the smooth dunes on a board; it’s an exhilarating activity suitable for all ages and provides a unique way to enjoy the sandy landscapes.

Bedouin-Style Camp Experience: As evening falls, we head to a traditional Bedouin-style camp where the Arabian hospitality welcomes you. Dress in traditional Arab attire, try your hand at henna painting, and relax in the comfortable majlis seating.

Authentic Arabian Dinner: Savor a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars, featuring an array of grilled meats, fresh salads, and local sweets. While you dine, enjoy a range of live cultural performances including belly dancing, a Tanoura show, and fire displays, which will make the evening even more memorable.

Stargazing: After the day’s activities, relax by the campfire and look up at the clear desert sky. Stargazing in the desert is a mesmerizing experience, with the Milky Way shining brightly above you.

Return to Dubai: Your desert safari concludes with a peaceful drive back to Dubai. You’ll return to your accommodation filled with lasting memories of an incredible Arabian night.

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